It’s the strangest thing.

I’m on a personal mission to have people, relationships, emotions and life just make sense (and to my complete surprise, now they do). And the strange bit? The further I go on this quest for meaning and sense, the more I find kindness.

Deep, internal kindness and radical self care.

And I realised, perhaps this kind of kindness is what I was looking for all along.

It’s the kind of deep care that makes everything possible.

I felt new. I felt a weight lift. I felt alive.

It’s been a journey.

It started years ago with training as an art therapist. I didn’t actually want to be an art therapist when I began. I just thought it’d be like a really long group therapy class where I got to make a mess. And it was.

It continued with training as a sex, love and relationship coach. I didn’t really want to be a sex, love or relationship coach when I began. I just knew I sucked at relationships and people confused me and my sexuality scared me and thought perhaps it’d help. And it did.

Next, I began training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. And I do want to be one of those.

What’s Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing is a beautiful, gentle, deeply profound way of working with the nervous system to increase resilience and heal trauma. Not long before I began my training, I didn’t think this was something I needed. I had no trauma.

Nothing that bad had ever happened to me.


I had a low mood disorder, I felt numb and grey all the time, it wasn’t easy for me to form friendships or relationships with other humans. My go-to question was ‘what’s the point?’ – but I thought I just wasn’t one of the lucky ones who woke up in the morning feeling alive.

And then I learned trauma is not about what happened or didn’t happen to us. It’s how our nervous system responds to what happens or doesn’t happen. It can be caused by anything that our system perceives as too much, too fast, too intense, too hard… and it’s not always the big, horrible events that leave the deepest wounds.

The shitty messages we internalise of not being enough; of being too much. The accumulated stress from being a human living in the western world, trying to live up to increasingly unrealistic standards of how we should look, feel, think, relate, have sex. The thousands of small emotional wounds that over time, add up to overwhelm, that cause us to numb out, to check out, to disconnect from each other and from ourselves.

We’re a world in pain. And maybe we could all use some kindness; some radical self care.

And so now, I’m a transformational coach, art therapist and trained in Somatic Experiencing.

I support people to find that deep kindness in themselves, to heal from those thousand small wounds, to transform their trauma into a resilience that causes the world to feel fresh and new. I support people to come alive.

I’m here for the seekers. For those who yearn for more – for a connection between the sacred and the profane. For those who want to believe in magic but lost it somewhere. For those who look up at the night sky with stars in their eyes.

I am here for the dreamers who want to make their dreams real and solid in the world.

For those who want a life that’s better than ‘fine’.

I am excellent at building dream castles in the air (as you can see in the photos). And I’ve learnt to build roads to reach them, so they show up around me in the world, solid and real. 

I love whimsy, wonder, fairy tales, getting lost in the deep dark woods.

I am also deeply grounded and practical.

I am a giver of permission.

Permission to the part of you who wants to feel alive again.

I’m inviting you on an adventure.

Accept the invitation!

Book a free consult with me.

We’ll spend some time together getting clear on what you want, what’s in the way, and what’s next. And even if we decide working together isn’t a perfect fit for both of us, you’ll leave with some clarity, resources and a sense of what to do next.