May all the things you’re ready to release fall away softly

The stuck places, the fears and hurts gently releasing their hold

And may you take a deeper, fuller breath

In the spaciousness they leave in their wake.

May you feel unburdened

And in the sudden lightness of a lifted load

Feel the open field of possibilities

Stretching out around you.

And may you find the way forward that fits you

That feeds your soul and fulfills you

Fills your open palms with kindness

And crowns your head with stars.


In honour of tonight’s new moon we shared food and music, drank cacao and watched the flames dance. We fed fears and wishes to the fire, and lay on the warm earth, alone together with our own thoughts.

After, I came inside and wrote this blessing. And now I’m sharing it with you.

I hope your month to come is kind to you, and brings the things you need.

This month, I’m offering something new – it’s for those who have been meaning to get around to soul searching, to inner work, to giving themselves the space and time to heal, to grow, to create, to connect inwards.

It’s kind of like a retreat, but instead of taking a week or a month out from life, it runs alongside your life for six months. It includes weekly 1:1 sessions, guided practices, journalling and creative exercises, gentle trauma healing work and all kinds of other goodness designed to support you on your journey.

Send me a message or book a call if you’re curious to know more 🙂