Today I’m the permission fairy, and I’m giving you (and myself) permission to rest when you need to.

Sometimes it’s hard to slow down.

Sometimes it’s hard to take a break.

Sometimes it’s hard to put off til tomorrow (or put off forever) the non-urgent busywork disguised as productivity and stop for a breath or a minute or an hour or a day.

But it’s important.

Probably more important than the non-urgent busywork masquerading as productivity.

We need time to just be.

Time to dream and potter.

Time to read or stare at the clouds.

Time to meander with no destination in mind.

What are we striving so hard for?

Who’s holding the gold star just out of reach as they move the goalposts on us again?

We’re asking the wrong questions, solving the wrong problems.

Everything can be simpler than we think it can.

So here’s permission to be soft with yourself.

To settle your body onto the earth and breathe.

Feel your heartbeat slowing.