One of my adventures took me to a place where goats wear shirts.

Adventure is an attitude. It’s a way of meeting the world and the experiences we have within it. Adventure is a curious mind, a resilient spirit, a mouthful of questions and eyes full of wonder.

Adventure feels like sparkles dancing over your skin. Adventure feels like daring; that churning mix of excitement and fear, resistance and yearning. Adventure feels breathless, wide eyed, paused for just a moment on the border of known and unknown, facing into places we’ve not been before.

Do we dare? Should we? Can we? Will we?

We will.

Adventure feels like being lost, being lonely, not speaking the language, not knowing the way. Adventure feels like hunger and confusion, discomfort and overtired overwhelm. Heat, cold, strange beds, strange buildings, people who are strangers too.

Adventure feels like returning home at the end of it and having the people who know you ask: how was it?

And your reply comes fast: It was amazing. I want to do it again.

Because being lost means finding new ways. Being lonely means meeting yourself. Not speaking the language means finding a connection deeper than words. Enduring discomfort means developing resilience and strength that surprises us. Strange beds, strange buildings – there’s so much beauty in the strangeness. Novelty breeds inspiration, and adventures are inspiring places. And people who are strangers? They become friends, teachers, lovers, guides, allies and partners in crime.

These things are true of external adventures, out in the world – and they’re also true of internal ones, into ourselves.

Open a door in your mind and step through.

Your waking consciousness is the tiny tip of a giant iceberg. The normal rules of physics don’t apply here – in the land of your psyche, the sun of your consciousness only lights a tiny fraction of the landscape. The rest? The rest is bathed in starlight. The rest is ruled by the moon. The rest is marked ‘here be dragons’. The rest is a wonderland, and it’s waiting for you.

Let’s pause, just for a moment on the border of this unknown wonderland, facing into the parts of ourselves that we’ve not been before.

Do we dare? Should we? Can we? Will we?

We will.

In the outside world, we take photographs of landscapes and selfies in front of monuments. We swap Facebook details. We buy the shirt.

On the inside world, we create art and music and poetry as a way to share what we find there. We get to know the facets of ourselves and delight in who we become. We don’t need to buy the shirt because our adventures are written on our skin and they shine in our faces.

Open a door in your mind and step through.

Welcome to the Grand Adventure.

12 months. You and me. An adventure through the door in your mind – I will guide you through a year of deep exploration, integration and healing. It’s creative, inspiring, gentle and profound.

It’s a big commitment on both our parts, so I have very limited spots for this offering. If you’re feeling called, listen to that calling 🙂 Send me a message or book a call and let’s have a no pressure chat about it.


Here’s what a past client of mine had to say about our work together:

“It can be challenging to find a coach who can hold me with love and safety in a way that I feel comfortable enough to focus on my own transformation.

Ellen has a core of stillness, a beautiful way of being during our coaching sessions that allowed me to fully drop into my body – creating a space for me to unlock some deeply held life experiences. Her gentle probing, her wicked humour and her loving presence combining to keep me focused and safe within our sessions.

Reflecting back on how I have evolved has surprised me – we had such fun in our sessions… yet deep shifts happened.”