Today’s thought: all it really takes to do the things you want to do is the decision to do them.

I’ve been thinking about my long running desire to be artistically prolific, and how all it would really take is a decision I haven’t made yet.

I keep waiting for that level of creativity to just show up in my life. To suddenly wake up someday and have the drive and the focus to create everything all the time. Waiting around for that way of being to just happen on it’s own is highly unlikely to change things.

The artists I admire that I hold up on pedestals don’t have something that I don’t have, they’re not better or different or special or unique in the way that they make a lot of art. They just decided, knowingly or unknowingly, to make art, to show up and show up and show up. That’s all.

They just said yes to the desire, and yes too to the times where there is no inspiration and there is no fire and there is no guiding light. Yes to showing up and showing up and showing up, regardless of how they’re feeling.

And that’s the only difference between them and me. They show up consistently, I show up intermittently.

I’ve been thinking too about the places in my life where I have said yes to showing up consistently, like writing, and how writing has now become one of my biggest anchors and one of my biggest supports. Writing is one of the things that gives me the most satisfaction and joy.

I don’t wait for writing to show up for me the way I’m waiting for other kinds of creative output to show up. I show up for writing. Again and again I sit down at blank pages and put words on them.

And so I wonder, what might unfold if I were to say yes to more creativity in different ways? To show up consistently in more areas of my life, even when there’s no inspiration? It’s what I deeply want to do and there’s nothing in my way but a decision. A decision to show up.

Let’s decide – all the things we’d love to get around to doing someday, all the things we’re waiting for the inspiration or for the right time – let’s decide that ‘someday’ is today, let’s decide the time is now, and let’s show up and do the thing.

And if you’d like some support doing the thing, let’s talk 🙂 I have room for another 1:1 client at the moment. Send me a message or book a call and let’s see if working together might be a good fit <3