Tonight, because I was feeling a bit lost, I took myself out for dinner to celebrate.

Not to celebrate anything in particular, just to celebrate generally, and bringing that energy with me helped my evening feel interesting and alive. I told the woman taking my order that I was celebrating, although I didn’t know what, and she thoroughly approved, and it was nice to receive her warmth.

Instead of being given a number to put on my table so my order could find me, I was given a picture of a goddess from Britain who looked after the healing waters in Bath, and this felt like some kind of serendipity because I’ve been more interested lately in following the roots of my families back over the sea to England and Scotland and wherever else they originated. Perhaps some of them bathed in the healing waters of Bath, watched over by the goddess.

After tacos and wine I walked in the warm rain and saw some of my favourite birds standing awkwardly under a tree, their big eyes always looking so melancholy that I want to tell them everything will be okay. I watched pelicans glide past like strange little boats, and looked at the colour of the sky.

And I thought about how such a simple thing as deciding to celebrate nothing for no reason could make such a big difference. How it softened the feeling of lostness and invited a sense of inclusion in the world.

I think I’ll be celebrating nothing for no reason more often. Want to celebrate with me?