Tomorrow is my first day working at my new in person space!

Which is exciting, as five and a half months ago when I got to Cairns I had zero intention of finding somewhere to offer in person work.

Working in person in Cairns is an idea that found me, rather than me going looking for it – I met a woman who knew a woman who had a space and questions were asked. Seeds were planted and watered. By chance I met the owner of the space at a workshop and liked her, and we caught up again, and offers were made and accepted, and one thing led to another, as things often do, and tomorrow I have a local home for the work I do.

It was a slightly terrifying thing to commit to – what if nobody comes? What if people DO come? (being scared of two opposite outcomes is a fairly good sign your brain is playing tricks on you 😉 ).

But one of the awesome things about commitments and decisions is that they allow things to move. Being non-committal or indecisive is like being in limbo. One foot in, one foot out. It’s uncomfortable, because it’s hard to walk anywhere when you’re trying to keep a foot wedged in all the different doors (and it’s fairly likely you’ll run out of feet).

Before I committed to the sweet space one day a week, I was one foot in, one foot out of Cairns. In my mind, I knew I liked it here. I knew I wanted to stay for a while – at least until I figured out why I felt like I had to come here in the first place.  My actions were saying something different. I’m still treating my accommodation as temporary. I still haven’t properly unpacked. I was hedging all the bets – ‘after my brother’s wedding, I’ll come back and THEN I’ll commit and really settle in’.

But hedging bets isn’t how I want to live my life, and opportunity knocked, and since I already had a foot in the door, just in case it was the one I wanted to walk through, it was pretty easy to open it and say yes to walking through.

Committing to things creates movement. It closes doors, because I’m deciding this, not that – but it means I have both feet free to walk through the doors I choose.

Movement allows for the flow of inspiration and ideas – and I have so many of them since saying yes to this space. Try coming up with a genius plan while sitting on the couch trying to hedge all your bets when you can’t find any shoes because you’ve jammed them in all the doors you’re keeping open when you ran out of feet.

And – committing to things doesn’t mean there aren’t ever any more doors. One of my favourite artists, Flora Bowley, has a saying I often come back to: make bold commitments, and then be open to change. 

I can change direction tomorrow, but right now, I’m all in on this.

Time to take my feet out of all the doors they’ve been wedged in, and walk this path to see where it leads.

If you’re local, come visit! First session is free to see if you love the way I work, and if it’d be fun to work together. Message me and let’s find a time.

And I’m still seeing clients on Zoom, so if you’re not in Cairns we can still hang out and get up to excellent things (your first session is free, too) 🙂 Send me a message or book a call!