Most years I have goals. This year I have curiosities.

I’m noticing there’s a space where usually there’s a list of things I want to do, experience, achieve. I still want things, but the wanting feels soft – there’s no push behind it, there’s no sense of these being things I ‘should’ be doing.

Instead there’s a golden thread, asking me to follow it, posing the question – “what if…”.

What if I started offering 6 month 1:1 retreats for people who’ve been meaning to prioritise their health, growth and dreams, but somehow never find the time?

What if I started making more art? What if I started regularly celebrating nothing in particular for no reason at all?

What if I embraced the word “simple” that’s chosen me this year, and started taking things out of my life instead of adding them in?

I’ve been noticing over the past while that while I feel okay most of the time, and I’ve healed a lot of trauma and a low mood disorder and built a foundation that feels solid and stable, there’s a growing part of me that feels restless and wants to feel so much better than okay. It’s time to build something epic on this foundation I’ve created.

And I have the sense that goals aren’t going to help me do that.

But curiosity will.

Curiosity welcomes mystery, and makes friends with not knowing what might happen next, where goals, to me, tend to feel more like I’m trying to control an outcome.

If I let go of the need to control, if I get comfortable with the unknown and not knowing what might happen next… I make space for anything to happen.

And I’m curious to see what that looks like.


If you’d like to let go of some of your goals in favour of curiosities, and you’d like some support – or if you’d like to sign up for a 6 month 1:1 retreat (that will run alongside your regular life – you don’t have to come live on a mountain with me somewhere for 6 months (although…)) then send me a message or book a call! Let’s find a time to talk. I would love to see if this might be the right thing for you right now 🙂 There’s magic to be made!