Today’s lesson from the universe is a repeat that I’ve had handed to me many times before.

Expect the unexpected. Things often don’t go as you thought they would go. Things often don’t go as you planned.

I wasn’t expecting a solo 4.5 hour road trip today, but that’s what I got, due to yesterday’s moment of vagueness leading to today’s flat battery and the need to drive around for a while to recharge it.

I could have been pissed off at the change of plans. I could have beat myself up and felt stupid for leaving my lights on. I could have felt frustrated and irritated at the things I thought I would do today that are still all undone.

But I didn’t.

Instead I felt like a doorway had been opened into the unexpected, and so I rolled with it. I drove up the coast and up onto the tablelands, down a road I’d never driven. New roads are one of my favourite things.

I saw so much beauty. The colours and the shapes. Trees. Clouds. Water. Birds. Sky. So many shades of green. So many shades of blue. The road stretching out in front of me. Termite mounds in strange alien shapes. Flooded fields of grass and trees reflecting the impossible blue of the sky. More pieces of this land that I call my home.

I got sunburned in a stripe down one arm and down one leg, from where the sun came through my open window. I got to make hard choices – duck into the toilet with the engine running and trust no one drives off with my car, or wait til I get home to pee?

I was tired, I had a headache, I had other things I’d planned to do. But still, it was a doorway into the unexpected, and so I walked through, and from this door I gained more than I gave.

It’s not always like that. Some doorways are pains in the ass, some doorways lead to dark places, but since I started seeing them as invitations into the woods, into the unexpected, into the unknown, I’ve begun to make peace with these doorways and meet them more often with curiosity than with frustrated sighs or blind eyes.

Here’s a doorway for you: I’m offering a 12 month experience called ‘Into the Woods’ that goes into these doorways and many other things in depth. It’s an adventure, it’s a calling, it’s a soul journey, it’s challenging and profound and it will change your life and who you know yourself to be. If you’re curious to hear more, send me a message or book a call and let’s talk 🙂 Perhaps this really is the sign you’ve been looking for.

Here’s to doorways into the unexpected, may we walk through them and may we be delighted.