I’ve found a handful of answers in my life, but I don’t have any answers for you. It seems kind of funny to think that, since I write so much – clearly I have a lot to say, but I don’t have answers for anyone. Not even for my clients.

That feels kind of mean. NO ANSWERS FOR YOU! :p But I’m not withholding answers, I just know that you’re in charge of your answers, like I’m in charge of mine. Sometimes (a lot of times) when I’m feeling overwhelmed I just want someone else to tell me what to do, but generally if they do I don’t listen.

I used to be always looking for answers. I wanted neat one sentence answers to big, impossible questions. What’s the meaning of life? Where do I find happiness? Why is a duck? Somewhere along the way, I stopped caring so much about answers, and fell in love with questions.

Questions make me think and take me on journeys to unexpected places. Questions open doors and encourage turning over stones to see what treasures lie underneath. Questions spark conversations. Questions are opening, expansive, living things, and I like being around them.

Questions are kind of fractal in nature – ask one question and that question leads to even more questions and each of those questions comes with more questions attached, and on I go, following the trail of my curiosity.

In order to give up the search for answers and fall in love with questions, I had to let go of much of my desire for certainty and get more comfortable with not knowing. I had to get better at grey areas and seeing that maybe the answer is not this OR that, but this AND that, except for Tuesdays, and rainy nights when the moon is full, and it’s only the answer for that guy over there – the woman in the blue hat has a different answer entirely. Where’s the certainty? There isn’t any.

All this writing I do – I’m never really looking for answers, I’m just hanging out with questions and  falling in love with them a little more. Letting them grow me, letting them expand my world view and perception of what’s possible, letting them show me how to live.

I like sharing my questions with you 🙂 My hope that maybe my questions will help you find your own answers. Or maybe – they’ll help you find your own questions, which to my mind is even better.

Where will your questions take you?

And do you want some company while you’re following them? If you do, I have space for another 1:1 client right now. Send me a message or book a call and let’s have a chat about your most pressing questions, and see where they might want to take you 🙂 <3