“Get on the plane and trust.”

So I did, and everything turned out better than okay.

If you’ve been following all the photos I’ve been posting from the past few weeks you’ll know I just spent some time in Victoria jumping all around the state visiting family and friends.

I was apprehensive about leaving Cairns. It would be the first time I’d left this little bubble of safety since I moved here and I worried about Covid and outbreaks and borders closing and not being able to get home and being in lockdown or hotel quarantine and where I was going felt very far away from the place I was leaving behind. My head spun.

And then my inner knowing said: get on the plane, and trust.

And my whole body settled and the spinning thoughts faded.

And I felt lucky that I’ve spent enough time hanging out with that inner voice that my whole body has learned to trust it. So when it says things are going to be okay, I believe it and relax.

It’s taken time to create that kind of trusting relationship, little by little over the past few years, until now I am letting it run my life and it’s doing a far better job than I ever was. I used to be chronically depressed working a job that paid well but made it a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. And now I’m living somewhere warm and beautiful and my creativity has come back and I smile more and my life feels like an adventure that makes getting out of bed feel important, because magical things might be about to happen.

If you’re curious about learning to listen to your own inner voice and ready for your life to head in all kinds of strange directions, maybe it’s a sign we should work together 😉 Send me a message and let’s find a time to talk about what that might look like. It’s never too late.