It’s easy, when I get out of the habit of things (like writing), to feel a bit stuck with getting back into it.

I make it into something bigger than it is.

A hurdle to jump that’s almost impossibly high.

I make beginning again be about more than just today. It’s tomorrow, too – and the day after that. And the weeks and the months and the years until I’m so weighed down by time that I can’t move.

Beginning again isn’t about tomorrow, or the day after that.

Beginning again is a choice about now, about here, about today.

And today I can sit down with a familiar blank page that I’ve missed, and a head full of new thoughts and new memories and new experiences to share and a heart full of new feelings to explore, and tomorrow can take care of itself.

What’re you feeling stuck getting into? And if it was just today, just this one time, just right now – could you do it?