We’re all having a human experience.

There’s something so affirming in that.

Being human, together. Our joys and struggles are unique to us and at the same time, we’re never alone in them because they’re something we all share.

I heard a wonderful metaphor a while back, I forget where, that while we’re all sailing our own unique boat, we’re all sailing on the same sea. 

Our boats are made of our gifts, our strengths, our resilience, the things that bring us joy.

We have so many gifts. I make great coffee. I’m a good cook. I have a very vivid imagination. I’m comfortable sitting with people who are going through uncomfortable things. I am good at creating things. Drawings and paintings. I love words, and I’m good at lining them up into sentences that make sense.

Our boats are made of our histories, our ancestry, our life experiences, the trauma we carry, our capacity to weather the storms that come our way.

I don’t often enjoy being around large groups of people. I have an irrational fear of falling down stairs. My nervous system likes to dissociate when things feel overwhelming. 

I worry about being judged. I worry about not knowing enough, not being enough, not doing enough. I worry about being too much. I worry about failing to meet my own impossible standards. I worry about not belonging. I worry about not being safe

These struggles, while their particular flavours might be unique to me, are the same as your struggles..

There’s nothing wrong here. They’re part of being human. And when we connect with other humans and share our gifts and talk about our struggles, we realise that we are not alone.

We’re not struggling alone with our demons. 

We’re living a human life.

All of us.

We’re all in our own boats, together, sailing on the same sea.

And we can share our gifts.

And we can do hard things.

And we don’t have to do them alone.