How do you tend to overwhelm?

Today was a day with too many things in it after a night of crappy sleep. I like my days to feel slow and spacious, for my to do list to feel gentle even when there’s lots on it.

And so this has been my question – how do I tend to my overwhelm? How do I create little pockets of space so that I have room to breathe?

Even relating to overwhelm as something that needs tending can help, instead of relating to overwhelm as another thing to be overwhelmed by.

Here are some of the ways I’ve been tending to feeling heavy and like things are a bit too much today:

  • asking friends for help – they can’t do the things and get them off my list, but I ask them to send me voice messages telling me they love me, and their words soothe me as I listen.
  • taking mini breaks – five minutes to lie down and watch the tree out of the window instead of a screen.
  • I’ve been going through a time of needing all the delicious drinks, so I made a jug of iced hibiscus tea to have next to me as I work..
  • Focussing on one thing at a time. It all has to get done, but in the same way that ten people can’t fit through a door at the same time, ten tasks aren’t going to get done at the same time so it helps a little to just look at the one that’s in front of me.
  • Grounding practices. I get stuck in the spinning stress cycle of thoughts in my head, so feeling my energy drop down through my body into the earth really helps. Let me know if you want to know my favourite practice and I’ll make a little video for you 🙂

Wishing you (and me) ease and spaciousness through the rest of the week.

And as always, if you want some support in your life and you’re curious about what working with me might be like, I have space for another 1:1 client this month, so send me a message or book a call and let’s find a time to talk about what you need and whether we’d be a good fit 🙂