“I’m not creative”.

It makes me sad when people decide this about themselves.

So here’s a rant.

It makes me sad when people look at things I’ve made and say “I could never do that”, and they decide it means they’re not creative.

Maybe they couldn’t do the exact thing I did in the exact way – after all, I’ve been practicing making stuff out of other stuff for the majority of my years on the planet, so I’ve had a lot of practice and found techniques and ways of doing things that are fun and easy for me.

But just because I’m over here making masks out of glue and newspaper and drawing birds to amuse myself while I’m on airplanes, and just because that’s not something they’ve thought to try before, or maybe they have tried but it didn’t work out how they wanted the first time (or the third time) none of this has any bearing on whether or not they’re creative.

I hang out in art galleries a lot, and I see all kinds of incredible things that I couldn’t make in a million years (okay maybe if I had a million years I’d find a way) but just because other artists are making epic stuff doesn’t mean I’m not creative. Just because their level of mastery of their skill is greater than mine doesn’t mean I’m not creative.

I believe we’re ALL creative – creativity for me is about making generative choices. If you cook food (even following a recipe to the letter) you’re creative. If you love to dress up and express yourself through the clothes you wear, you’re creative. If you take pleasure in decorating your house so it feels nice for you to be in, you’re creative. If you live your life in a way that’s unique to you – you’re creative. There’s only one of you here, and you created you as a conscious or unconscious response to the experiences that life has given you.

I don’t think we can be humans on this planet and NOT be creative.

We might choose to engage with it to greater or lesser degrees, we might consciously decide to jump in and play, or live our lives without thinking about it too much, but we’re all creating, every day.

We create meaning, we create ourselves and our lives, we create so much – “artistic talent” is far too narrow a definition for what creativity is. Zoom out, see your creativity as a force to be reckoned with, claim your creativity, own it, (and if you’re in Cairns, come to my Alter Ego Creation mask making workshop and embody it 😉 ).

What have you got to lose?

And if you’re worried about not being able to make a mask – don’t be 🙂 I’ll be guiding you every step of the way and you might be surprised by what unfolds. You can’t mess it up because as you’ll know if you’ve been in my spaces before – there aren’t generally a whole lot of rules, so it’s hard to break them if there aren’t any 😉

Find out more about the workshop and save your spot here:


And go create something today, on purpose, and see how it feels (note that it might feel weird or uncomfortable if you’re not used to it, and that’s perfect – it’s a sign that it’s working. Keep going. 🙂