I’m feeling lost in a fog. Beginnings of years are often foggy times for me, and a week of this year has already passed like a blink.

Something I like to do when I’m feeling out of sorts is ask myself: what do I need to hear today?

Today, I need to hear that where I am is okay.

It’s okay to be foggy.

It’s okay to be struggling with the beginning of another year, not knowing how I’m supposed to feel about it, not feeling much of anything about anything.

It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to feel disconnected from life and everything in it.

It’s okay to feel creatively stuck, to have thoughts and ideas and wishes and inspirations and to not feel capable of bringing them into the world.

It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to be doing less with the days of this shiny new year, it’s okay to be ‘unproductive’, it’s okay to rest.

It’s okay to not be meeting the new year like a new version of me, full of resolutions and good intentions.

It’s okay, you’re okay.

Permission to let things be simple, permission to put everything down and stare at the sky for a time.

Permission to rest, more than you think you should, more than you think you need to.

Permission to feel foggy; permission to not feel much of anything about anything.

Permission to be right where you are.

It’s okay, you’re okay.

Turn to the simple things that soothe you.

Watch the sky. Watch your hands as they prepare food – cutting into fresh mango, stirring hot water into cacao, tipping coconut oil into a pan and watching it spread.

Let things come one at a time.

Close your eyes and listen to the rain.

It’s okay, you’re okay.

You know this place – this fogginess, here at the edges of your own darkness. The border between comfort and uncertainty, where the things live that most need to be tended. 

Let the fog be received as a friend. Sit down with it a while, make tea, and listen. Be comfortable in silence, and put aside the need to fix or change or figure out.

It’s okay, you’re okay.

This is part of the journey you’re on, and I know you know the way.


If you’re having your own struggly start to the new year, and you’d like some support – send me a message or book a call. I have some space for another 1:1 client, and it would be an honour and a pleasure to sit with you on the edges of your darkness, and tend to the things we find there.