I’m on a podcast! Talking about mystery, uncertainty, the unknown, with my wonderful friend Carol. If you like podcasts, maybe you’ll like this!

“This episode is a balm for anyone who feels panicked or uncomfortable in the face of uncertainty! Ellen May (aka Magical Ellen) shares a trauma-informed and delightfully quirky approach which is just the medicine for these times.

How do we tend to our stress around the unknown? And how does reframing uncertainty into the mystery help us navigate it with delight?

We cover why uncertainty can be so scary, the window of tolerance and resilience in the nervous system, the power of receiving support, and nourishing vs. codependent support relationships. Just listening to the way she talks about the unknown is inspiring! The conversation finishes with Ellen’s transmission around enoughness, which is a gentle breeze of relief and permission.

Ellen helps her clients navigate big and small life changes, and initiate themselves into their weirdest, wildest dreams. She’s an art therapist and coach, trained in Somatic Experiencing.

Mostly she wants people to know, deep in their bones, that they are powerful – and to be able to access that power to create lives that FIT. And the best way she knows to guide people on this journey is to dance with the unknown. She holds up a lantern in the dark, and holds gentle, permissive and highly trauma aware space for seekers who know deep in their bones that there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing, and she helps them heal the hurts that stop them from living their dreams, and create lives that feel like magic.”

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