Sometimes I have words that find me and like to hang out for a year. A few years ago, it was ‘spacious’. This year it was ‘support’. Next year’s word has already found me – simple.


It’s a small word.

It’s a scary word.

It’s a necessary word.

It’s coming up to the end of a huge year. I’ve done a lot of new things. I moved away from everyone I knew and met new people and found a new sense of home. I’ve started offering face to face sessions to clients. I’ve grown out of my comfort zone a lot. I’ve written more than a hundred pieces of writing I’m proud of. And it’s been a year where so many things I thought were certain have been turned upside down. A year of global uncertainty.

And like so many people I know, I’m weary. I’ve been ignoring signals to slow down and do less and I’ve reached a point of struggle. I’m enduring my days instead of enjoying them because I’m trying to fit too many things in and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

And then along comes this one little word – simple.

And it says to me: stop trying to fit so many things into your days. It says: say no to everything for a while, even things you like. Even things you love. It says: let things be simple. Spacious. Easeful. Give yourself room to breathe. Because when you have simplicity – you have the space to savour and enjoy your life in a whole new way.

I think simple is going to be really hard.

First, it means resting.

Second, when I am less tired, it means getting really clear on what’s important to me right now.

Third, it means saying no to everything else. Even things I like. Even things I love.

Creating simplicity means creating better boundaries with myself, which I’ve generally found hard to do. I’m very well practiced at weaselling around my own limits.

So hello, simple. I look forward to getting to know you.

If you’d like some gentle support in your own life as we head towards the end of a very big year – send me a message or book a call 🙂 I have space for another 1:1 client and sometimes it’s nice to have some support as we navigate life.