I love spending time with women. When women gather together in circles, magic happens.

For me, sisterhood and the company of women is one of the most nourishing, life affirming, supportive, joyful, healing things there is.

Recently I spent my whole weekend with women, and there almost aren’t words for how much I gained from the company of women over two short days.

It feels like remembering. Back down my ancestral lines, the thousands and thousands of women who lived before me gathered together to share the pieces of their lives the way I’m doing now. It feels like my bones remember. These circles run deep.

When we connect like this, there’s space for all of us to be as and who we are. We create a fierce and tender belonging – in these spaces we belong with ourselves and we belong with each other. Everybody there is different, and every body there is beautiful because of the woman who lives in it, whose life is drawn on her skin.

I leave spaces like these feeling more connected to my strengths, more connected to my beauty, more confident on the path I’m walking through life, because I’ve been reflected back to myself through the eyes of other women.

We share the tender places in our hearts – our vulnerabilities and traumas and hurts, and we are deeply listened to and deeply heard, and many hearts help to hold us, until we receive our vulnerability back again as our strength.

We reconnect with old ways and we create new ways. We share our wisdom and knowledge. We share music and songs, movement and stillness, silliness and seriousness, laughter and tears, the whole glorious messiness of being human.

We share our stories, and as we speak an unwinding happens – we share little pieces of who we are, and those pieces are met with kindness and open hearts, and so we share bigger pieces, and still we belong, and healing happens.

And the food. So much incredible food. Feeding our bodies and nourishing our souls through shared meals prepared with so much love.

And in this way we lift each other up.

And when we leave the circle changed, to head back to our lives, we take the magic with us and it carries on, rippling through our lives in unexpected ways.

Until the next time, when we step into a new circle, and the magic continues.

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