I woke up this morning feeling like shit. I was moving in slow motion when I got up, my brain too foggy to remember the simple morning things I do every single day.

And from there, it got better.

What shifted things? Counter-intuitively, slowing down even more.

Slowing down even more than my already snail’s pace allowed space for connection.

First, connection with myself. The softness that comes when I stop fighting how I’m feeling. Tired and foggy? Okay, let’s slow down. Let’s create some space for that. Let’s do the things we need to do, from a quiet place of care. Instead of writing while I waited for my food at my usual Saturday cafe, I drew patterns and shapes.

Then, connection with the world around me. After I’d eaten, I kept moving slowly. Saturday morning is market morning. I people watch, I look at the colours and shapes of the fruit and vegetables. Bright pink dragonfruit. Huge piles of lush green herbs. I notice what it’s like to be me in the world today, slowly.

And finally, connection with other humans. Tea and a chat with a friend. Hearing and being heard. Tea turning into two teas. Both of us left feeling better.

As an introvert who historically has always done life alone, connection isn’t a natural choice for me when I feel wonky or tired or anxious or sad. When I think of connection, my thoughts turn first to the disconnection that in the past, more often than not I found. I think of how drained I feel around people, of the awkwardness of smalltalk, of how watchful I’ve had to be.

I think first of all the ways connection hasn’t felt safe.

So it’s nice, this far into my own adventure through life, to look back to the version of myself who didn’t know how to be around or with people, and to see how far she’s come. To recognise and acknowledge the journey that’s led to ways of connecting that feel safe enough.

Safe enough to receive the medicine that is connection with other humans.

Seeing, and being seen. 

I’ve been talking a bit lately about two kinds of adventures, and how they compliment each other. Adventures into our inner worlds, and adventures in the external world around us. 

This is an example of the ways that adventures in the world are influenced by internal adventures into ourselves. As I continue on my inner adventure, exploring connection and creating an internal sense of safety, my external adventure grows richer as I am able to connect more deeply with others.

I have a super limited and special offer at the moment. A rich inner adventure, using the wealth of tools and practices and experiments and explorations that I have gathered over my years of doing this work. It’s designed to open doors in your inner world. To give you deep insight into what makes you, you – and from this place, it will give you more confidence, more capacity, more kindness, more ability to connect. You’ll get the medicine you need, and you’ll see it influence your adventure in the world around you. It’s not a small commitment – these kinds of adventures take time, and we’ll spend twelve months together exploring. 

Message me if you’re curious – there are just six places available. I’d love to spend some no pressure time with you to see if working together would be a good fit for you and for me 🙂 Send me a message or book a call here.