Life is always happening, but sometimes it feels like there’s MORE life crammed into a shorter space of time. More decisions to make, more experiences, both joyful and challenging, more things to deal with, more moving pieces, more intensity.

And it’s in those times of MORE that it’s so important to have more people around to support us. It’s important to know how to ask them and to know how to receive their support and to know how to be okay and what to do next when they sometimes say no.

It’s tempting to try to handle it alone.

To think: I don’t want to bother them, they’ve got enough on their plates, I can’t ask them, I can manage, I should be able to handle it. 

And it’s often true, we CAN manage alone.

But we deserve more than ‘manage’, more than struggling, more than feeling alone and lonely when there’s a lot of life going on for us. We deserve ease, and support, and thriving, and having other humans help us carry the load when we need it. We deserve to receive the things we need to feel as good in the times of MORE as possible.

We get to share our lives with others – the joys and the sorrows. When did we stop doing that so much? When did we learn to lean away instead of leaning towards?

We get to receive, which is a challenge for so many of us. We’re good at giving (and over-giving), and we feel awkward and weird and guilty about receiving.

It’s been a BIG few weeks for me. Definitely a time of MORE. Could I manage all this on my own? Yeah. Would it be easier if I ask others for help and let myself receive it? Hell yes it would.

I can do hard things. And I can do them more easily with help.

Where in your life feels challenging right now?

Who could you ask for support?

Could you let yourself ask, and let yourself receive it?

You can do hard things. And you can do them more easily with help.


Some of the help I receive (and how I started getting good at asking and receiving) is paying others for it. It’s a good way to start exercising the muscle. I have space for some new 1:1 clients right now – so if it feels like a good fit and something you’d like to explore, message me for a no pressure chat and let’s see how we could make your life feel more easeful 🙂