One of the first things I did this year, at around 6am on New Year’s Day, was lose my footing on a slippery rock, falling and smashing the glass I had in my hand. One second intent on where I was going, the next second on the ground with a bruised leg and a bleeding hand.

I washed my wounds in the salty sea on the first morning of the year and thought about how life works like that sometimes. I think I’m going somewhere and then all of a sudden I’m somewhere else with wounds that need tending to.

And I could ignore the wounds and push on, overriding this new set of circumstances and my body’s need for care, or I could stop, and take stock, and take care of myself in this new unexpected place that I’ve landed (in this case, on my bum on a slippery rock). I know from experience that when I do take the time to tend to my wounds, the journey tends to flow with much more ease, and my experience of life is much kinder.

Physical wounds are pretty obvious – it’s harder to ignore blood and bruises than it is to ignore the need for mental and emotional care. It’s also easier to know what to do for physical wounds – we’re not so much taught how to tend to our mental and emotional health. We often don’t know what to listen for, how to hear when those parts of us are asking for help.

My body has been asking for more mental and emotional support for a while now, and I haven’t been hearing it. I’ve carried on, intent on where I was going. And life got harder, and I felt more and more foggy and disconnected from everything until I couldn’t even remember where I thought I was going, and so I had to stop. And tend to the parts of me that need some extra care right now.

For me, that looked like contacting someone for extra counselling – because while I already have a somatic experiencing practitioner who I work with, and it’d be easy to tell myself to ‘make do’, that one person is enough, that belief comes from a place of unworthiness. That I don’t deserve MORE support, that I don’t get to take up space, that I don’t get to be heard, that I have to do life alone.

I call bullshit on those beliefs. I’m allowed to have all the support I need. We all are – we’re allowed to have a whole circle of it, surrounding us, helping us through life’s unexpected detours. Because we’re not meant to do life alone, and the best way I know to fully live the grand adventure of our lives is with piles of support surrounding us.

It’s hard sometimes to allow myself to receive that kind of support, when I’ve been so committed to figuring life out all by myself. But the more I let it in, the richer my life becomes… and so I’m learning to trust it.

If this is resonating with you and you’d like some extra support in your circle, I have room for a few more 1:1 clients right now. Send me a message or book a call, and see if this might be right for you right now. You get to begin this year with so much support in your corner 🙂