There are two kinds of adventures. 

When most people think of adventure, they think of the external sort. Going places, seeing things, meeting people, exploring new pathways. Exploring old pathways with new eyes. Being out in the world.having weird and wonderful and challenging experiences. Taking photographs of views and selfies in front of landmarks.

There’s another sort of adventure. An internal one. 

Instead of heading up and out into the world, we descend down and into ourselves. 

More often than not, we don’t decide to set out on an internal adventure – life decides that for us, and pulls the rug out from underneath us in our comfort zones.

The first time this happened to me in a significant way I felt like my life was caving in around me.

Bad things happen in threes.

First, my partner at the time unexpectedly broke up with me.

Second, I had to go to hospital for a bunch of tests and the news wasn’t good.

Third, the landlord of the house I was renting gave us notice and we had to scramble to find somewhere else to live.

In three weeks, I’d lost a relationship, health, and home.

And it sucked.

But it was the catalyst – life was inviting me on an internal adventure, down and in.

And I went.

And it was beautiful.

In the same way that external adventure challenge us to be more than we believe we are capable of, so too do internal ones. They ask us to face ourselves. Our stories about who we are and how the world is. Our patterns of behaviour. Our conditioning. Our trauma. Our hurts. 

And they show us our strength, our beauty, our resilience, our worthiness. Our creativity and our greatness.

That first internal adventure taught me about trust, and it taught me about boundaries, and it taught me about support. And the beautiful thing about internal adventures is how the gifts we receive there flow into our external worlds, making it so much easier to say yes to life, to say no to things we don’t have space for, to make choices that serve us and to deeply trust our own decisions.

As the years pass between now and that first internal adventure that life threw me into, I’ve gotten better and better at not waiting for my whole life to cave in around me before I get the message that it’s time to turn inwards. I’m more adept at heeding the signals before they escalate. A sense of unease that I can’t quite place. A yearning. A growing restlessness. Feeling disconnected from any sense of purpose. Recurring themes that visit me in my dreams. Particular colours or symbols that show up in my art making. I’ve become more fluent in the language of my inner world, so I hear more clearly when it speaks.

And when I act on the guidance it gives me – my whole life is one big grand adventure. My willingness to turn in is rewarded in what shows up around me in the external world, in a life that more and more feels like it FITS, better than I could ever have sat down and planned it.

So whether you’re a seasoned internal adventurer, or just setting out for the first time – I have something to offer you. It’s limited to six places, and it is a big commitment. Twelve months of turning inwards. Twelve months of guided support through your inner world, learning its language and how to take the guidance it offers into your external world in a way that brings deep trust, an embodied confidence, radiant aliveness and a calm sense of purpose and possibility.

If you’re feeling called and you’d like to know more – send me a message or book a call. Let’s have a no pressure conversation about how this might fit into your world and whether it’s the time to heed that call.