If you were phenomenally well supported, what would your life look like?

Take this question with you on a flight of fancy – put aside for a moment what’s feasible or possible or affordable, and let your imagination run gleefully wild.

Look at the things you love doing (Writing! Making art!) and the things you don’t love doing (Cleaning bathrooms! Miscellaneous life admin like seeing if it’s possible to get my blender repaired!).

Notice what feels hard. Notice where you wish you had more time. Notice the things you put up with. Notice the things that kind of suck but they’ve always been that way so now you don’t really see them. Notice the things in your life that stress you out.

And look at the places it’s hard to imagine letting yourself have support. Where it’s hard to let go of control. Where you feel like you should be able to cope.

Take all these things you’ve noticed, and imagine a life where all of them are easier. 

I’m imagining a life where there’s a guaranteed universal basic income that would give me huge peace of mind while I worked at creating a sustainable business I get to have fun in. 

I’m imagining a team of skilled health professionals who help me stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. I’m imagining a focus on all these things in schools so the humans that come after me don’t have to figure out so much of this on their own, later in life (often when something breaks down).

I’m imagining hammocks everywhere.

I’m imagining some more structure in my days, so it’s easier for me to do more of the things I love instead of not getting round to it til it’s too late and I’m too tired and putting them off til tomorrow (again).

I’m imagining a small group of people who are excited to help me create magical experiences for people. Running workshops and life experiments and spreading whimsy. People who love doing similar things, who are excited to do them together.

I’m imagining more kindness towards myself – taking the time to notice where I put up with shit, and looking at how I might change the shit so there’s nothing to put up with (my jaw has been clicking and tense for … going on eight years now. I FINALLY booked myself in to see someone about it).

This is an important conversation to have, because while not everything needs to change all at once (or at all), if we start looking for ways we can feel more supported, naturally things start to shift. New questions come up to be explored – why are we so uncomfortable receiving some kinds of support? Why do we feel like we need to suck it up and keep doing shit we don’t like? Where in our lives do we feel like we don’t deserve support or need to earn support? Why do we put up with uncomfortable things for so long (hello, jaw tension)? Why do we so often feel like we should be able to manage everything all on our own, including being happy and satisfied with our lives?

What might life be like, if we were phenomenally well supported?

What could we achieve with our lives if we were phenomenally well supported?

If you were phenomenally well supported, how would you feel?

Me – I’d feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Tension and worry I barely register it’s been there for so long would melt away. I’d be up to EVEN BIGGER and more magical things in my life. And I’d feel amazing. Happy, connected, curious, deserving, worthy, satisfied with the life I was living. Everything would feel brighter. I’d be living into the question ‘what ELSE could we do??’.

Everything is possible, with enough support.

And if you’d like me to be part of your phenomenal team of support, send me a message or book a call 🙂 I have space for another 1:1 client right now, and I’d love to welcome you on this adventure.