I can do whatever I want.

Every now and then I remember this and get really excited. Today was one of those times, realising that this is my life and I get to say how it goes.

And it’s true – for me, I have a privileged existence, and the bounds of possibility are wide. 

But they’re not limitless. It’s a fact that there are boundaries and restrictions on the things I can do – it’s a fact that ‘whatever I want’ is actually ‘whatever I want inside of the limitations of my existence’.

Oddly, I’m also really excited by this.

It inspires my creativity to have a set of limits to work within.

It’s like making art – if I have all the colours in the world, all the materials I could dream of, paper in all different sizes, before I could create anything, the first thing I would have to do is to define some limits. Choose a few colours, a medium, a size. So I have a container to work within, and then, within that container, I could do whatever I wanted.

It’s the same with life – there are limits. Some of them have been defined for me, some of them I’ve put there myself. And within those limits, I can do whatever I want.

And it’s up to me to figure out which limits are hard and fast and can’t be weaseled out of, and which limits I think are concrete but are, in fact, made of cobweb and can be brushed away. That’s where the excitement lies… what’s possible? What could I make within these limits that is beautiful?

How can I craft a life that feels meaningful? What do I want to leave behind when I go?

The best way I know how is by following my inner knowing. It’s a compass that often doesn’t make logical sense, but I’ve learned that it wants what it wants, and when it gets what it wants, the experiences that unfold within the limits of my existence are stunning. They fit me better than anything I could have planned without that inner knowledge guiding me.

It’s exciting to have committed to living a life where I follow that guidance wherever it takes me. It’s exciting to know that within the bounds of my life, I can do whatever I want.

It’s exciting to know that within the bounds of YOUR life, you can do whatever YOU want. What do you truly want? What is your inner knowing telling you? What voice do you maybe not listen to because it’s not practical or not the right time or seems completely off the wall and illogical?

Listen to that voice, and see how your life explodes in cascades of beauty and realness and love. Listen to that voice, and trust.

It knows how to give you whatever you want, in creative and surprising ways. It knows how to brush aside limits you thought were set in stone like they are smoke on the breeze. It knows. It knows. It knows.

Listen to that voice, trust, and do the things it says.