What’s your relationship to receiving? 

As I was planning the first journey for Anchor, my guided meditation series (next one is on the 5th of Feb if you’d like to come!), I invited those who joined me do nothing but receive for the time we had together. 

And I thought about that – how challenging receiving is for so many of us.

We so often feel that we can’t accept something that’s offered without there being some kind of exchange.

In the case of Anchor, there was an exchange – money for the experience – and so it was much easier to relax into receiving, because something had already been given first.

But when something is offered with no strings, it’s often harder to truly receive.

I receive this from you and then I feel obligated to return the favour, sometimes (often times) with more than I’ve received. I am in your debt. And it can be a beautiful thing, to reciprocate… but what happens when that feeling of obligation becomes a weight, even subconsciously, that prevents us from wholeheartedly accepting and revelling in the goodness in our lives? When we’re always keeping score of what’s owed and to whom?

As well as a sense of implicit obligation when receiving something from someone, there’s often also an internal belief that we have to earn our worthiness in order to receive. We have to be a certain way, do certain things, measure up, and THEN (and only then) we’ll let ourselves receive the things that are in front of us to enjoy.

Where did that belief come from, that we have to earn our worthiness and deservingness in order to receive? Babies are inherently worthy – we don’t relate to them like they have to earn their right to love, to connection, to soothing and care, to wonder and appreciation of the beauty in the world. What happens along the way that causes us to forget that we once were babies too, inherently worthy of receiving with no strings attached?

Where did we find all these strings, and why did we attach them to ourselves?

We cut ourselves off from appreciating abundance because of the conditions we place on receiving goodness in all forms. We cut ourselves off from life. From living.

And so I have an invitation for you, and for myself.

Can we experiment with untying some of the strings? Can we play with softening some of the conditions we place on receiving? Can we allow ourselves to receive nourishment, love, support, kindness, wonder, appreciation of beauty, all the things… just because we’re here?

Can we practice saying a gentle yes to life, taking the time to savour our experiences – the offerings from others and the offerings from life itself, and fully receive them?

How might things change if we did, and if this became our new normal?


I’m offering, for anyone who wants to practice receiving, five free 60 minute calls that we can use for whatever you like – we could talk about receiving and explore what might be possible if you did untie some of the strings, or you can use it for whatever else is going on in your life right now. No strings – if you’ve been curious to know what working with me is like, this would be a good way to find out 🙂

Message me or book a call if you’d like to claim one <3