I’m having a day where it’s overwhelming to look at the big picture. 

It happens sometimes, when I take a moment to check in with my big dreams for my life – there’s so MUCH there. So many things I want to create and experience, and so many things that need to happen to have these dreams become real.

The work I’m doing in the world is where most of my focus is right now – helping people navigate their stuck places so they can live their own gloriously epic life.

The behind the scenes part of that work involves a lot of moving pieces. Setting up systems websites and figuring out software and business bank accounts and insurance. 

The personal growth part of that work involves a lot of emotional energy – constantly tending to fear (what if it doesn’t work out, what if I fail, what if I make mistakes that can’t be fixed, what if people judge me, and so on), tending to overwhelm (like today – the magnitude of what I want to do feels like a lot for one person taking one step at a time). Constantly committed to showing up – making sure to TAKE that one step at a time, no matter what my emotions are doing today.

Navigating learning curves that sometimes feel so steep they’re literally upside down.

And then there are the voices of the other dreams I’m dreaming – the garden of medicinal and edible plants I want to plant and tend to. The novel I want to write. The circle of women I want to call in and create magic with. The art I want to make. The house I want to build. The curiosities I want to pursue. When do these dreams get their time?

It feels like way too much pressure for this Thursday afternoon.

It’s like doing a 10,000 piece puzzle in the dark and being given 60 minutes to complete it.

It’s overwhelming to focus on the big picture sometimes. But the good news is the big picture is made up of little pictures. And it’s totally okay (and absolutely necessary) to spend time just looking at the little pictures for a while, until they’re sorted and it’s time to zoom out again.

The other piece of good news is that we don’t have to paint our big pictures on our own. We get to have support – so much support – to help us along the way.

So today – I’m focusing on little pictures. Write this post and share it, and let that be enough.

And I’m focusing on support – reaching out to friends who know what it feels like to be dreaming big dreams, and to sometimes get stuck looking at too many pieces at once. Reaching out to my business coach, who is my sounding board for the pieces of this dream that aren’t my area of expertise. Reaching out to someone who I might be able to hire to help me with some of the other pieces.

And doing all of it with as much kindness as I can – it makes sense to feel overwhelmed, doing things that feel big that I’ve never done before. It makes sense to have days where I wonder why I’m doing this. It makes sense to feel small in the face of how BIG my dreams are.

And it’s 100% okay for me to feel these things.

I can take a moment, take a breath, pick one small picture to focus on, and take the next small step.

If you’re relating to any of this and you want me in your corner as part of your circle of support – send me a message or book a call and let’s talk 🙂 Your first session is free, and if you’re local to Cairns we can hang out in person. If you’re not, we can hang out through the magic of technology, on Zoom.

Your biggest dreams are waiting for you.