Why do things take longer than they take? I often feel like there’s not enough time in the day. The reason WHY there’s not enough time in my days is because I look at the iceberg tips of my tasks and I don’t recognise or acknowledge that while the actual task itself might take 5 minutes, all the things around the task might take another hour.

I’ve learned this from writing. I used to get frustrated. Why can’t I write a post in half an hour when it takes half an hour to write a post? It might only take me half an hour to do the writing bit of a post, but in actual time, it takes way longer. Spacing out and daydreaming, changing the music a million times, taking photos of the afternoon light coming into my room – all these are part of the process of writing. I need to do these things in order to get words on the page.

And so now I don’t fight them, I quit judging myself for them, I just allow extra time for writing because I know that watching Instagram stories for half an hour is sometimes part of the process. I know that when I let myself have the spacing out and spacing back in, eventually something in me settles, the idea becomes clear, and words end up happening.

And working in this way feels good, when I stop trying to control it. This is just how my inspiration works right now.

Allowing time for the whole iceberg is starting to flow on into the rest of my life.

It’s a little daunting, because I’m recognising that in order to fit in the whole iceberg, I’m going to have to do less. I don’t want to let go of things I like. I don’t want to let go of things I love.

But also it’s exciting – how might my life feel if I let go of some things, just for now, and gave time and space and focus and permission to the whole iceberg?

I’ll keep you posted 😉

And if you’d like some support with giving space to your whole iceberg, I have room for another 1:1 client at the moment. Message me or book a call, and let’s have a chat about what’s waiting for you to explore it. Your first session is free 🙂