After yesterday’s nature adventure and sticking my head in a cold creek, I said to a friend ‘if I had a mental health plan, that would be on it’.

And then I thought ‘why do I not have a mental health plan?’. A guide to follow to keep me feeling good, when I forget to do the things that support my mental health.

So here’s me, writing myself a plan for right now in a weird mix of talking to myself and about myself.

Eat well. 

I’m starting a 9 day Ayurvedic cleanse as soon as my herbs arrive in the mail, and because I know this is happening soon, some part of me has decided that now is the perfect time to eat ALL the shit food. And I’m feeling it. I’ve been paying attention for long enough to notice how my mood and sleep and motivation and mental clarity are all affected by the things I eat. So – eat well.

Listen to your inner guidance, and act on it. 

Those little hints and internal nudges and gut feelings – listen to them and do what they tell you. They will lead you to a life that fits better than anything you could have planned. You’ve seen this to be true enough times to trust it – trust it more. It knows what to do, and it will take care of you.

Say no to things.

Boundaries! Yay! Maintain my new ‘no more than 3 calendar commitments per day’ rule. When I have more than that scheduled in, I get stressed and then I endure my way through all of them with the minimum of presence and enjoyment and the maximum of passive aggressive resentment. Which isn’t good for anyone. Protect my time and energy, so I can show up with a wholehearted yes to the things I do commit to.

Nature time.

Stick my head in cold creeks more often. At least weekly, preferably more often, go spend time with your bare feet on warm rock. Touch the trees. Notice the colours of leaves and the shapes of tree roots. Spend time looking at birds.


Keep taking steps to heal insomnia. If you can’t sleep, rest. Take reading naps (I struggle to sleep during the day (or at all) so if I need a nap, I’ll often lie down to rest my body and read something light). Don’t fight it, just rest through it.


Walk, swim, stretch, dance. Move. Regularly. 


Connect in ways that feel nourishing, with people who feel safe. Share where you’re at. Ask for support when you need it. Celebrate the good. Connection isn’t easy for you, but keep at it – it’s important. Remember when you do have moments of genuine connection, how they sustain you for hours and days. 

And finally (and always) kindness.

Be gentle with yourself. You got this, and you know it. Do these things when you can, and when you forget or don’t get to it or are too busy or too tired – it’s okay. There’s nothing to fix or change, there’s nothing to figure out. You’re okay. 

If you were to write your own mental health plan, what would it have on it?


I have a super limited and special offer at the moment. A rich inner adventure to learn to tend to your mental health in new ways, using the wealth of tools and practices and experiments and explorations that I have gathered over my years of doing this work. 

It’s designed to open doors in your inner world. To give you deep insight into what makes you, you – and from this place, it will give you more confidence, more capacity, more kindness, more ability to connect. 

You’ll feel better. Life will feel different. 

You’ll get the medicine you need, and you’ll see it influence your adventure in the world around you. It’s not a small commitment – these kinds of adventures take time, and we’ll spend twelve months together exploring your inner world and tending to the things we’ll find there.

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