An idea I’m having fun with today is that I get to write the rules in my life.

What prompted this is realising I’ve been living by some fairly stupid rules. Conditioned beliefs that I’ve never considered, things I was taught that I never questioned, ways of being that I watch everyone around me conforming to that don’t contribute anything to my happiness.

“The way to deal with stress is to find ways to do more things in less time.”

“You can find happiness in the pages of self help books.”

“If you work super hard your entire life at something you may not actually care about, you get time off for good behaviour when you retire and THEN you can follow your heart and enjoy your life.”

“You should look outside yourself for answers. Trust teachers, doctors, and the opinions of people on the internet over your own inner knowing.”

“Success looks like studying hard, finding a good job, meeting someone, getting married, having 2.4 kids and buying a while picket fence.”

It might take a little time to change some of these conditioned beliefs, but changing beliefs and rewriting conditioning is something I know how to do.

Granted, I don’t yet have a say in bending the laws of physics, but those rules aside – imagine how much more awesome life is when the rules say:

“Your entire life is a magical fucking fairy tale that’s here to delight you.”

Instead of:

“You have to be serious in order to be taken seriously.”

Let’s rewrite all the rules. 

Want help rewriting yours? Let’s do it together- I’ll invite you to go a little further than you might go on your own. I have space for a few more 1:1 clients right now, and working with me is an exercise in exploring the unexpected. Your first session is free! Send me a message or book a call and let’s find a time to rewrite some rules into ones that inspire giddy delight 🙂